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Waiting and Wishing

By 3rd March 2015April 14th, 2022No Comments

March 2015

The clinic sends me pictures of our embryos. Day one, they fertilised awesome. Day two all cleaved into 4 cells. Day three all cleaved into 7/8 cells. They’ve all graded well, and oh man. All of the feelings!

Pride, fear, hope. So much hope.

It feels like from this point nothing could go wrong. I’m feeling better, I have all my energy back and of course our little tiny baby embryos are going to grow into perfectly well formed blastocysts, and they’ll all be chromosomally normal. Right?

I’m scared to hope.

Either way, we won’t find out till the next round, we’ll sample however many make it to blastocyst stage and freeze both the embryo and the sample. Well do the PGS test in the next round.

Because we’ve decided to do another round.

It feels like such a massive thing. We’re doing another round, and I’ve got three months. Three months of supplements (oh hey Co10 and DHEA, the latter you can’t even get in the UK cause it’s not licensed – watch me work that magic trick). Three months of insulin spiking avoidance diet (read: no carbs, no sugar, no dairy). Three months of stress free everything, a few thousand pounds and hopefully we’ll get more embryos.

And now I’m waiting. For my embryos to grow, for the next round to start. All of the things. We’ll see. I’m trying to be patient.

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