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Round 4 – CD1

By 12th October 2015April 14th, 2022No Comments

Oh. It’s always an odd moment, while you’re sitting on the toilet having discovered that your cycle has come. That pause when you know that from here, time will shrink into moments. It will be counted out in days, slowing itself down to lots of waiting interspersed with scans, bloods and medication. That the next 15 days till egg collection (fingers crossed I get that far) will be quite emotional ones.

Oh hope. I feel like I’m hoping for a miracle, and I’m scared to hope.  I’m scared to hope that I’ll respond well to the meds and will produce many mature eggs. That a large number of them will fertilise well and grow into chromosomal normal blastocysts that survive sampling and freeze well. That’s the happy days plan. Fingers crossed. 

If this round goes well, it will be our last round of IVF. After a year of this I’m hopeful that we’ll be done, that we can go back to living and happiness and life.  

So, CD1. I’ve emailed the clinic to organise bloods to make sure that my FSH isn’t too high, and then we’ll start. We’ll see, the next few days will let us know if we’re moving ahead, or not. 

Fingers Crossed.

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