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Counting Down – Four days to go!

By 23rd October 2015April 14th, 2022No Comments

October 2015.

We’re on the tail end of this round and everything is getting really hard. I’m super tired (though I’ve been reassured this is a good thing). The shots are becoming a massive hurdle now – my belly is so sore and tender that it’s uncomfortable (more than usual!) to do them. It’s often three or four a night and I have to psych myself up and push through – definitely not like at the beginning of the round where you just get on with it. 

I worry that I’ve overdone myself and planned too many things (we’re going away for a 6oth, and I’m doing a favour for my hairdresser), but feel obliged to push through. Zee says I’m handling this round better than the last two – I’m less hormonal, I think? I’m not sure. I’m definitely sleeping more, anyway.

My biggest fear going into egg collection is that I’ve ovulated all my eggs away. We’ve been a bit fast and loose this round, and I know, I know we had two cetrocide shotes on the last day but…. I still can’t share the fear.

I hate this bit, where everything just gets so hard. Eye on the prize through – we’re only a few more days out. We’ve set a date for egg collection. Only four days from now. Only four more days!

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